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Monday, 18 October 2010 20:43 Sergio Leal
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  Salsa Level 1

The Beginner Salsa class introduces you to the rhythm and timing of the music, as well as to technique in leading and following. You will learn basic footwork, dance positions and connections between partners. We will teach you fun and easy dance patterns that include single right turns, single left turns, cross body leads, back breaks (Cumbia), and ladies 1 ½ right and left turns. Most of the material in this class will not be repeated each series. No dance experience is required.

Salsa Level 1.5

This class is an introduction to our Salsa Level 2. In this class we mainly cover technique in leading and following as well as dance patterns that incorporate cross body leads and ladies ½ turns; it will be very similar to the last 4 weeks of a Salsa Level 1 series. In addition, basic men's and women's styling is introduced. The only requirement to join in on this class is that you have taken a complete Salsa Level 1 series at least once. This class is taught as a 4-week series.

Salsa Level 2

The Beginner/ Intermediate Salsa class will help you build upon the basics learned in Level 1. You will be introduced to intermediate variations and patterns to supplement your dancing. Men's and women's styling will be incorporated in all combinations taught. The material taught in this class will not be repeated from series to series. The only requirement to join in on this class is that you have taken a complete Salsa Level 1 series at least once or by instructor approval.

Salsa Level 3

In the Advanced Salsa class you will learn more complex variations of patterns, syncopated footwork, double turns, 2 ½ turns, as well as men's and ladies' styling. Combinations learned in this class will not be repeated each series.

Latin Club Dances

This class is an introduction to the principles of authentic Latin dancing. The class is focused around basic body rhythms inherent in Cumbia, Merengue, Salsa, Bachata and Cha-Cha-Cha. We will cover the fundamentals of leading and following, as well as introduce you to dance patterns for each Latin dance style. Every month, the class will focus on one of the five Latin Club Dances - Merengue, Salsa Styling, Bachata, Cumbia, and Cha-Cha-Cha, which are the most popular dance styles seen at Latin clubs today. No dance experience is required.

Ladies Styling Class

In the Ladies Styling class you will learn how to add grace, femininity, & flare to your Latin dancing. We will teach you choreography that focuses on arm & leg styling, body isolation technique, footwork/shines, hand & foot placements, and much more. You will also learn how to incorporate styling in your partner dancing, as you will gain confidence and improve the fluidity of your body movements. Ladies of all levels are welcome!

Student Dance Team

In the Student Dance Team Class class students will have the opportunity to be trained by us as well as travel to and perform at different venues/events. Students for this class will be chosen from our Intermediate and Advanced Salsa classes and may join by instructor invitation only. More information...
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