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Preparing for your first dance class

Wednesday, 01 September 2010 14:55 Sergio Leal
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We hope that you’re excited for your first dance lesson! it’s normal to be a little bit nervous, especially if you are a novice dancer. Whatever your reason is for joining a dance class, we know that you won’t regret signing up for dance classes with Latin Dance Pro. Here are some tips to help you prepare for for your first dance class.

1.) Wear Appropriate Clothing.
There is no specific dress code for our classes. We do suggest, however, that you wear something cool and comfortable. It is important that you wear shoes with smooth soles as opposed to rubber soles. For ladies, make sure you wear shoes that are flexible and provide good ankle support - flip-flops, flats, and tennis shoes are difficult to dance in. If you're interested in investing in professional dance shoes, you can purchase them from us at your registered class.

2.) Patience With Yourself
One of the keys to becoming a good dancer is to have patience with yourself and have an open mind. In the early stages it is easy to become frustrated and consider giving up. Remind yourself that it is alright to make mistakes. Latin Dance Pro staff are friendly - ask for help, take a deep breath, and smile. Don't give up!

3.) Arrive Early!
Arriving promptly will ensure that you get registered without unnecessary delays.

4.) Set Your Own Personal Goals
Don’t compare your progress to other students. We all learn at different paces. Set realistic goals for yourself and put in your best effort during each class!

5.) Stay Fresh While Dancing
Partner dancing keeps us in close contact with our partners, and since dancing is a very aerobic exercise, we quickly generate extra body heat. Therefore, it is important to always be considerate of our partners when dancing and be sure to always have gum or mints, deodorant, and perhaps even a towel handy. Take these precautions and your partners will appreciate it!

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