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Salsa Without Borders By Amy Tenowich- Pasadena Weekly

Tuesday, 09 November 2010 17:59 Sergio Leal
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By Amy Tenowich 10/25, 07

SALSA WITHOUT BORDERS- The popular Latin dance helps bring nations together-one for minute song at a time
. Te gusta bailar? One of the salsa axioms is that the man is the frame and the woman is the picture. As a born-and-bred Valley girl and new salsa student, I had the cute outfits but no moves that were even remotely frame-worthy.

In my few nights at the clubs, I’d gotten a crash-course in the dance — and by that I mean I literally crashed into people. I haphazardly whacked one partner in the nose with my elbow, and poked another in the eyeball. Both gave me a cheery, “Is OK! Is no problem!” I have yet to read the man’s subtle signs that give his split-second warning of whirling me into semi-acrobatics. All I can do is the basic one-two-three and five-six-seven footwork with minimal flare. My arms? They’re propeller blades. So I headed off to salsa school to learn how to organize my limbs.

Sergio Leal and Salud Leon of Latin Dance Pro patiently broke down the basics over an eight-week beginners’ course at Pasadena’s Le Studio. Every few minutes, Sergio would announce, “Gentlemen, thank your partner and rotate.” My leading men ran the gamut of colors and creeds...  Full Article 
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