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Agenda Magazine- Let the Rythm Melt the Weight Away!

Tuesday, 09 November 2010 23:08 Sergio Leal
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Anthony Heredia 07/15/2008 

May I have this dance? Our topic this month will be putting the sizzle in shaping the heavenly curves of our lady readers, through rhythm derived from passions defined.

Ladies, who is the clueless authority that said exercise had to be a boring chore? Let’s all hang him by his toes. The best way to shape and sculpt those lovely silhouettes of yours is to get them moving in whatever way gets them to move again and again. So why not sculpt with revitalizing music coursing through your being, a gentleman on your arm (or not), a smile embracing your lovely face, and the night at your beck and call! In order to claim the kind of curves that demand respect, drive men to their knees, and beg your little black dress to dazzle, you must make exercise a way of life and not “a thing to do.” You accomplish this by making it fun, exciting, invigorating, and dare I say, thrilling. Make exercise something you channel passion through. I can hear you all now, “Im supposed to get excited... Full Article
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