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Glendale News Press features Latin Dance Pro

Friday, 19 November 2010 06:17 Sergio Leal
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salsa dancing in glendale Glendale News Press 01/18/2010

IN THE CLASSROOM: MAIN COURSE: SALSA- Students learn fundamental of the Latin Dance at Stardancers Horizon.
For Latin Dance Pro salsa dance instructor Sergio Leal, teaching dance comes down to one thing: the fundamentals.

“My philosophy is to really start them off at the very beginning,” Leal said, as salsa music pumped through the speakers of the dance hall of Stardancers Horizon on Wilson Avenue in Glendale.

These fundamentals to salsa, he said, make reaching the intermediate level a lot easier. He begins by teaching his students basic steps used in most forms of salsa, Leal said.

“What I do in the intermediate level is I use all those fundamentals to create new combinations — combinations that we choreograph — and every four weeks I teach them four combinations using all those fundamentals,” Leal said. “I repeat it every month in the Level 2 class. Next month, I teach a whole new set. But I always keep it at that level: the fundamentals, repetition, doing the loops. Visually, it looks like different moves, but  Full article...
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