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Ixtapa featured on Examiner

Friday, 19 November 2010 06:44 Sergio Leal
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ixtapa pasadena By EXAMINER 05/12/10

. Just a typical Tuesday afternoon at work and my co-worker asks me, 'hey, you want to go salsa?' Salsa dancing on a Tuesday night? Definitely! We worked late and then headed straight to Ixtapa in Old Town Pasadena; after we checked in, we went upstairs to the beginners class where we were taught the basic steps to the famous salsa dance. The class is from 8 pm until 9 pm followed by salsa dancing on the main floor. The dance is taught rotation style, meaning you rotate partners after learning a few moves. Bobby, the instructor explained that rotation style teaches the dancer to be able to dance with anyone as opposed to just one partner.

Learning to dance any type of dancing is awkward especially when the person leading is learning right along with you! However, it was fun even though we all feel awkward and uncomfortable because we have no idea what we are doing, and none of us know each other, it is a great shift after a long day at the office.

Bobby, the instructor, was very funny when he jokingly teased the ladies saying, "All of you CEOs, owners of fortune 500 companies, time for you to leave that at the office and let the man lead!" My co-worker glanced and me and laughed!... Full Article
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