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A note on Dance & Romance

Monday, 29 November 2010 05:05 Sergio Leal
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Dance TipsA note on Dance & Romance
Due to the nature of Salsa dancing, the mannerisms and styling projected during a dance can easily be mistaken for genuine romantic interest from either partner. When we dance our objective is to interpret the music and the feelings it evokes through our movements, in sync with our dance partner. As a couple, the key to your dancing and romantic happiness is to remember that dancing is merely role-playing, and not a true reflection of intimate feelings. Realizing this can spare you unecessary anguish, and in fact, will help build a stronger relationship.

As a side note, rotating and dancing with other people during dance class will make you a better leader (gentlemen) and follower (ladies). Plus, coming back to your sweetheart at the end of the hour will be much sweeter, and it could potentianlly save you an argument! When we dance with our significant other it is easy for us to point out their shortcomings, therefore hurting their feelings. At the same time, we may take their suggestions, or criticisms (as we see them), all too personally!

At the end of the day, it is ultimately your decision to choose whether or not you dance with your loved one exclusively, and we respect that! Just remember to be a supportive partner; be sensitive to your partner's learning pace and most importantly, have FUN!!!


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