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Videotaping on the Dance Floor

Monday, 29 November 2010 05:24 Sergio Leal
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Dance TipsVideotaping on the Dance Floor
You may have found yourself pondering the idea of videotaping others during a social dance whom you consider to be great dancers; dancers to study or learn something new from. Though some may consider this flattery, be aware that some may find it distracting and invasive!

If you are inclined to videotape a couple during a social dance please make sure to ask them for permission first. It is rude not to ask for permission even if they are acquaintances. You cannot assume they will be okay with it simply because they know you. Even though you may see no harm in recording because you are doing it for self-instruction purposes and there is no harm intended, remember that others may have personal and even professional reasons for why they are not comfortable being recorded. Whatever their reasons are, they are valid and should be respected, no matter what. Same goes for picture cameras or any other recording equipment of this sort.

If you find yourself being recorded and find it flattering that someone is recording you- great! Enjoy your moment in the spotlight! But if you find it uncomfortable or "creepy" please make sure to pull that person aside and let them know to stop. Most likely they don't mean any harm and will be glad to stop. If you find yourself in this situation in one of our classes or at one of social dance venues and feel uncomfortable letting that person know, simply approach either one of the instructors or staff and we will be glad to let them know for you.


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