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Flexibility in a dancer is very important

Monday, 29 November 2010 05:27 Sergio Leal
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Dance TipsFlexibility in a dancer is very important
Salsa dancing does not require that you do your Chinese splits in the middle of a dance, but it does require some flexibility, especially when learning advanced movement techniques, including some of those fancy pretzel arm locks or styling steps for ladies. Most importantly, being flexible will help protect you from preventable muscle strains and soreness. Some of you may be naturally limber, but most have to work a little harder at gaining flexibility and strength. They key to stretching and improving your flexibility requires consistency and effort. Pushing the muscles to quick and enduring pain is counter-productive. The idea is to relax and gently stretch the muscles, more and more each day. Try to find just a few minutes a day to stretch, make it part of your daily routine. Stretch before class, after class, while watching T.V., before going to bed, etc. Your body will thank you and your dancing will feel and look a lot better!


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