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Bumper Cars Vs. Salsa Dancing

Monday, 29 November 2010 05:37 Sergio Leal
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Doesn't Salsa dancing on a crowded floor often feel like you're playing bumper cars? Occasional bumping and getting stepped on on the dance floor is painful and inevitable but can be curtailed. If you find yourself bumping into others or you're getting bumped on the dance floor too often, the following tips may help:


1. Take small steps!

2. When turning or spinning, be sure to spot your partner and be mindful of those around you. You may have to stick to single turns vs. two or three.

3.Minimize your styling or resort to styling that involves your limbs staying close to your body (i.e. body rolls, shimmies, head combs vs. big arm extensions, leg sweeps).

4. If you do happen to bump into someone, simply make eye contact and apologize. Don't ignore it or pretend it didn't happen even if you feel it wasn't your fault!

5. If you've stomped on, punched, or bumped into someone and that person gets seriously hurt or seems extremely irritated, stop dancing and offer your assistance. Perhaps they may need a band-aid or an ice pack. A kind gesture goes a long way!

6. Avoid lifts, drops, or tricks of any kind.

7. Remind yourself to keep your partner on a slot or your "line of dance" as much as you can. This will establish your spot on the dance floor and will prevent others from bumping into you as well! establish your spot on the dance floor and will prevent others from bumping into you as well!


1. Don't forget that everyone including yourself, at one time or another, has been a bumper. It's an inevitable part of dancing on a crowded floor- unfortunately!

2. If you feel like the floor is too crowded for your liking, consider sitting out the dance.

3. If you're constantly being bumped by someone on the dance floor, move away from them- far away from them, and find another spot on the floor.

4. If possible, try to dance on corners or along the edge of the floor. You will have more freedom there and are less likely to get bumped.

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