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Ladies Styling: How To?

Monday, 29 November 2010 05:51 Sergio Leal
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Dance TipsLadies Styling: How To?
Ladies' think about this: when you're putting an outfit together, it isn't complete without the accessories, right? The earrings, necklace, purse, scarf, etc., are what polish and pull your look together. Think of styling the same way. Styling embellishes your dancing and adds impact on the dance floor- much like your sparkly earrings do to an outfit!

Ladies' always tell me that they don't know what to do, when to do it, or how to apply it. I always suggest that you start from the feet up. Most people are comfortable learning how to stylize their basic step and cross body lead footwork first, so it's good to start with that, and then move your way up to your legs, hips, arms, hands, shoulders, and head.

If you're new to styling it's a good idea to start slow. Learn one styling point at a time and practice it over and over, until it's like second nature. Doing too much too soon will interfere with following your partner's leads. Add one new styling point at at time until you build a repertoire and learn to improvise to the music. Also, remember that the most important element of styling is confidence. If you worry about others watching you or critiquing you, it's going to show. Let go of that fear and have fun!

Not sure how to start? Start by joining the Ladies' Styling Workshop at the end of the month where Salud will show you fun and easy styling points. Want more intensive training? Take a private lesson, and you'll be a styling diva in no time!


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