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How to Deal with Getting Turned Down

Monday, 29 November 2010 06:05 Sergio Leal
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Dance TipsHow to Deal with Getting Turned Down
You're eyeing a potential dance partner from across the room and are hesitant about walking across the dance floor and asking for a dance, weary about the walk of shame back to your spot if she or he says, "No".

For many guys, and some ladies, it is a challenge to work up the courage to ask someone to dance and even more painful when they get turned down. But no worries, getting turned down will happen to even the best dancer from time to time, and there should be no hard feelings; just let it go.

Ladies' will often turn guys down for one of several reasons, none of which may be directly attritubuted to you. Here are some examples:

1. She may have just danced 10 dances in a row- she needs a break!
2. She might feel too sweaty.
3. She doesn't know how to dance that type of music.
4. She's having wardrobe malfunction.
5. She's enjoying her drink.
6. She just had garlic for dinner and is worried about her breath.
7. Her feet hurt.

Though less common, guys may also decline a dance due to the following:

1. He's intimidated by you.
2. He doesn't know how to dance.
3. He's accompanied by his jealous girlfriend.

If you are being repeatedly turned down and are unable to get more than a couple dances all night, it might be due to a hygiene-related issue. Are you too sweaty? Cool off and wipe dry. Perhaps you're not as "fresh" since your shower this morning? Carry a deodorant in your car and apply as needed. Bad breath? Pop a mint!

Not always will someone turn you down because you are an incompetent dancer. Most people like dancing with dancers of all levels and backgrounds. The reason you got turned down might be more trivial than you think. If you get turned down, just smile confidently and say, "Ok, maybe next time", let it go, and try again.

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